Lessons in communication strategy from Big Soda

To block advocates' efforts to tax soda, the industry is wielding a well-oiled PR machine with carefully crafted messages. Knowing what its spokespeople are saying is key to fighting back. Read more >

Talking about soda warning labels: A Q&A with Xavier Morales and Genoveva Islas

Two seasoned public health advocates reflect on diabetes, soda consumption, and the strategic use of mass media to curb them both. Read more >

Win or lose, San Francisco and Berkeley soda tax measures are public health triumphs

Change takes time, especially when it comes to changing social norms and public health policy. But even the biggest industry Goliaths eventually crumble. Big Soda will be no different. Read more >

How Salud America!'s new sugary drinks campaign advances public health

A new campaign attempts to make summer camps healthier places for kids. Here's how we all gain. Read more >

Food industry messaging pulled from Big Tobacco playbook

A new study from BMSG explores the tobacco industry's use of personal choice messaging to shift blame for its products' health harms onto consumers. Now Big Food is taking a page from tobacco's well-worn playbook. How similar are the two industries and what does this mean for advocates? Read more >

Why the stigma of suicide should not sway the debate about nets under the Golden Gate Bridge

By not reporting more comprehensively on suicides, the news media are reinforcing the contempt many people have for those who take their own life and making it harder to demonstrate the need for prevention. Read more >

Dr Pepper and Mr. Hyde: The many faces of Big Soda in soda tax debates

In 2012, the soda industry spent $4 million to orchestrate a sophisticated opposition to soda tax proposals in two small California cities, all the while disguising its presence in the debate. Now that San Francisco is considering a tax, the industry is using a similar strategy. Read more >

How far will Big Soda go to keep people from drinking water?

Research has shown that sugary drinks are linked to diabetes and other chronic diseases. Yet instead of doing the responsible thing and reining in their marketing, soda companies have been ratcheting up efforts not only to sell their products but also to discourage people from drinking water. Read more >

How advocates can make their issue more newsworthy: Tips from a veteran reporter

Getting media coverage of a public health issue or policy goal can seem daunting. Here's how advocates can turn one common challenge for journalists into an opportunity to make headlines. Read more >

Top 10 public health media bites of 2013

The way the media portray an issue influences how we think about and act on it. Throughout the year, advocates have used memorable media bites to help shape the news, challenge people to think about problems from a public health perspective, and come up with creative solutions. Here are 10 of our favorites. Read more >

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