public health

public health

What's missing from news coverage of violence?

The news media have historically presented a distorted view of violence — one that ignores the role of the community conditions that foster it and overlooks prevention. Advocates can use a new BMSG study to broaden the conversation and show that community safety is achievable. Read more >

Whose voices are missing from news coverage of soda taxes?

In this Q&A, Dr. Vicki Alexander, who helped lead Berkeley, California's successful soda tax campaign, discusses the importance of elevating community voices in public health battles and shares lessons for other cities looking to regulate sugary drinks. Read more >

Top 10 public health media bites of 2015

Each year, advocates use well crafted media bites to make their policy issues relatable to readers and reporters — and to produce outrage or prompt action. Here are BMSG's top picks for 2015. Read more >

How childhood trauma appears in the news

New research from BMSG reveals how journalists cover adverse childhood experiences, why this matters, and ways to improve coverage. Read more >

How perceptions of the tobacco, alcohol and food industries differ in public health debates

At the 8th European Public Health Conference in Milan, leading international experts, including BMSG's Lori Dorfman, explored how corporations are portrayed in public health debates and how public health professionals perceive their role in shaping public policy. Read more >

Studying the news as a public health strategy

New BMSG research highlights how media monitoring can inform public health efforts on a range of issues from violence prevention to sugary drinks. We'll present findings at this year's meeting of the American Public Health Association. Read more >

How food and beverage companies are shaping public conversation on obesity

With nutrition-related diseases regularly making headlines, food and beverage companies are eager to portray themselves as part of the solution. In this Q&A, BMSG's Laura Nixon discusses new research on industry messaging and implications for public health. Read more >

How can we make preventing sexual violence headline news?

New research from BMSG explores media portrayals of sexual violence and how both journalists and advocates can work to improve coverage. Read more >

ACEs in the headlines: Coverage takes off in 2015

Although adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) are still underrepresented in the news compared to other health issues, coverage has spiked recently. Why does this matter and what does it mean for advocates? Preliminary research from BMSG offers insights. Read more >

Lessons in public health messaging: Q&A with Fernando Quintero

How public health messages are framed affects how the public and policymakers understand issues and what to do about them.'s Inside Track talks with BMSG's Fernando Quintero about the pitfalls of one common type of framing and how advocates can avoid it. Read more >

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